"Xtreme" Steve
Steve has an extensive music and dance background. At the age of 9 he began his dance life with
the form of hip-hop. He attended classes at the world famous Millennium Dance Complex in North
Hollywood, where he was instructed by world renowned instructors. As a hip-hop dancer, Steve did
various performances around the Los Angeles area. At the age of 19 he was turned on to a different
form of dance while attending a world class competition. After witnessing a salsa competition, Steve
decided to focus his time and energy to mastering the art of salsa dancing. In his learning salsa,
Steve was given the opportunity to teach his very own salsa class after only 2 months of dancing. It
was during the development of his teaching abilities that he decided to revolutionize the health
industry by creating a whole new and unique Cardio Salsa format; fittingly named Xtreme Salsa.
Xtreme Salsa has been in existence since 2003 and is still making a huge impact. Steve, as of
recently, took his creative skills and entered the competition world. Since his first major competition
in 2006 at the world famous Mayan night club, he is considered to be amongst the favorites in any
competition he enters. Steve hopes to have continued success with his Xtreme Salsa classes and
much the same, if not more, success with his competitions.