Xtreme Salsa is an "On 1", HIGH ENERGY. HIGH IMPACT, LATIN BASED cardio workout. Xtreme
Salsa began in 2003 and has taken the dance style of SALSA to a whole NEW LEVEL!
Originally created to teach the basics of SALSA, Xtreme Salsa has given the old form of SALSA a
whole NEW LOOK, SOUND, and FEEL!
This HIGH ENERGY class will take you through the basics, intermediate, and even advanced steps.
So that, no matter if you are a FIRST TIMER, or a SEASONED DANCER, you will have
NEW/IMPROVED dance techniques to show off on the dance floor!
But that's not all! At the same time that you are learning SALSA, you will be burning HUNDREDS of
CALORIES! Xtreme Salsa has been designed to MAKE YOU SWEAT!
While other SALSA classes claim to help you lose weight, this class is the only SALSA CLASS that
proves it to you in ONLY 1 HOUR!
In 2005 Xtreme Salsa took on yet another addition. The teaching of the Couple/Partnering form of
salsa! Xtreme Salsa has been fusing On2 styles with his On1 premise of dancing to give his students
a more extensive arsenal when they dance. Xtreme Salsa has been taught at numerous world famous
venues which include, The Mayan, The Edge, Debbie Reynolds, and Debbie Allen studios. Xtreme
Salsa has also made various television programs such as, Ellen, Telemundo, and the Discovery
So come out and be a part of SALSA and LIFE CHANGING HISTORY with XTREME SALSA!!!
Meet the Creators:
Steven Acevedo

Cynthia Vega