Cynthia "Mama Salsera"
Cynthia began her salsa training in 2003 with Xtreme Salsa. Since then she has performed at
several events and has made numerous T.V. appearances with "Xtreme" Steve. In 2006 Cynthia &
Steve were semi-finalists at the world famous Mayan salsa competition and finalists at the Century
Club salsa competition. Cynthia has an extensive background in cheerleading and gymnastics as
both a performer and instructor. Her dance training mainly came from her cheerleading background,
where she cheered with a nationally ranked college cheerleading squad, and later, she joined the
Universal Cheerleader's Association (the 2nd highest ranked cheerleading organizations for elite
level cheerleading in the world). There she performed, instructed, and judged national cheerleading
competitions. She is currently an instructor of Xtreme Salsa and continues to perform.